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Jasmine's Story

Inspiring Hope in New Mothers and Their Families

Bella* is the more independent twin, exploring everything on her own. Esmé is the learner. “ABC’s, 1,2,3’s, she’s got all that,” says the toddlers’ proud mother, Jasmine. As for Jasmine, she is the multitasker extraordinaire, working with a VNS Health nurse to learn strategies to patiently and safely raise twins, to stay healthy herself, and plan for the future.

Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) registered nurse Jenn has helped Jasmine to navigate key health challenges during and after her pregnancy and to keep the girls on track with developmental milestones. When Jasmine was pregnant, Jenn discovered she had not received a crucial shot for her diagnosis of RH incompatibility, and Jenn worked with the doctor’s office to make that happen—and avoid potential health risks. When Jasmine was diagnosed with preeclampsia, Jenn helped her understand the serious condition and how to use a blood pressure machine at home to monitor her health.

“We are nurses. Our job is to inspire hope,” says Jenn, an NFP nurse.

“Jenn has been with me every step of the way, guiding and supporting me and helping me get the best care for me and my babies,” says Jasmine. “Jenn and the NFP program taught me so much about parenting and healthy child development.” Jasmine at first had the babies sleeping on their bellies and sharing a crib, until Jenn taught her about the risk of sudden infant death syndrome and the importance of back sleeping and separate cribs. Jenn connected Jasmine to community resources to get a second crib, as well as diapers and wipes through the VNS Health Patient Assistance Fund.

Perhaps the most valuable lesson that Jasmine has learned through NFP visits, which will last until the girls’ second birthday, is that she is a good mother. That means not only doing her best for the girls but also demonstrating the power of hard work as she launches an online clothing business to support their future. “Our model is to help mothers succeed by unlocking their own greatness,” says Jenn. “Sometimes it’s the littlest things that inspire hope, hearing that she is doing a great job.”

*Patient and family names have been changed to protect privacy.

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