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Community Behavioral Health Programs

VNS Health provides comprehensive support for people of all ages with mental health issues or in crisis.

Many people face challenges such as depression, anxiety, substance use issues, and trauma throughout their lives. These are issues that people might not talk about often. People who experience behavioral and mental health issues may avoid seeking help, and their family members and caregivers may not know where to turn.

VNS Health is here to remind you that you are not alone — and to connect you with the support that can help. 

If you or your loved one is experiencing a mental health crisis or needs someone to talk to, you are not alone.

Community Behavioral Health Programs at VNS Health

VNS Health is proud to partner with many community organizations, city agencies, and other mental and behavioral health programs to bring expert, compassionate care to our community. 

Our community mental health services and programs are designed to help:

  • Older adults
  • Children and families
  • People of all ages who are experiencing a mental health crisis or need care management
  • People struggling with substance use

All these programs have the same goal: To provide consistent, coordinated behavioral and mental health care services to the people and families who need them.

Programs for Adults of All Ages

Health Home

  • Service areas: The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan 
  • Description: Care and support for Medicaid recipients with behavioral health or substance use problems, HIV/AIDS, or multiple chronic illnesses
  • Contact: 1-212-609-7777

Mobile Crisis Teams

  • Service areas: The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens 
  • Description: Short-term, in-home mental health services for people who are experiencing — or are at risk of experiencing — a mental health crisis 
  • Contact: 1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355); press 3 for Spanish

Programs for Older Adults 

Geriatric Mental Health Treatment Services

  • Service area: The Bronx
  • Description: Free in-home therapy for older adults who are experiencing depression or anxiety
  • Contact: 1-718-536-3225

Geriatric Community Outreach

  • Service areas: The Bronx and Manhattan 
  • Description: Short-term mental health outreach services for older adults (55+)
  • Contact (adults 65+ in Manhattan): 1-212-609-1755
  • Contact (adults 60+ in the Bronx): 1-718-536-3225

Programs for Children and Families 

Safe Pathways

  • Service area: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island
  • Description: Suicide prevention outreach, counseling, peer support, and crisis intervention for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC individuals (10–24 years old) at risk of suicide.
  • Contact: 1-718-840-4098

Children & Family Support Team

  • Service area: The Bronx
  • Description: Teaches helpful mental health skills to families and connects them to community resources. Offers support two times a week for 6–8 weeks — with follow-up support for up to 4 months. 
  • Contact: 1-718-742-7100

Children’s Health Home

  • Service area: The Bronx
  • Description: Medical and behavioral health support and resources for children (6–21 years old) with Medicaid and their families
  • Contact: 1-212-609-7777

Children’s Mobile Crisis Teams

  • Service areas: The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens
  • Description: 24/7 rapid crisis care for children and teens (newborn to 20 years old) and their families
  • Contact: 1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355)

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

  • Service area: The Bronx
  • Description: Team of social workers, psychiatrists, and nurses who can help children, teens, and their families with medication and therapy
  • Contact: 1-718-742-7100

Home-Based Crisis Intervention (HBCI)

  • Service areas: The Bronx and Brooklyn
  • Description: Short-term services for families with children who are at risk of hospitalization due to serious mental health needs
  • Contact (Brooklyn): 1-718-840-4058
  • Contact (the Bronx): 1-718-742-7051

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