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The LGBTQ+ Guide to Home Care

Everyone deserves to age, heal, and care with pride.

As an LGBTQ+ person in New York, you’re part of a community that’s over 800,000 strong. Although this community continues to grow, finding LGBTQ+ friendly home care that reflects your experiences might still be hard. 

You may read articles that don’t connect to what you’ve gone through. You may be facing challenges that no one seems to be talking about.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. This guide is for you — to help you age and provide care with confidence. 

Resources for LGBTQ+ Caregivers and Caregiving

LGBTQ+ caregiving by the numbers


Of caregivers caring for aging adults are LGBTQ+


Of LGBTQ+ adults in NY are over 50


Of LGBTQ+ adults are currently caregivers

Home Care for the LGBTQ+ Community 

Any medical care you receive — including home care —should respect and honor your identity and experiences. At VNS Health, our home care options reflect your right to supportive care. You can be comfortable being open about your gender identity, sexual orientation, and pronouns and about the many experiences that make you you.  

LGBTQ+ affirming home care services at VNS Health can help you: 

Age comfortably in your own home

Many older LGBTQ+ adults want to be able to stay in their home and in their community as they age. Having a place where you feel safe and comfortable can be reassuring — but sometimes you may need a little extra help to stay there. Our home care teams are trained to support the unique needs of the LGBTQ+ community, including needs related to mental health, HIV/AIDS status, and general aging. 

Heal after gender affirmation surgery

As you heal from gender affirmation surgery, home care will be a key part of your recovery. You may underestimate the amount of care you’ll need or overestimate the amount of care a loved one can provide. Home care can help you recover safely and comfortably at home. A nurse can provide medical services, emotional support, and answers to any questions you might have. They can also connect you with social workers, home health aides, and rehab therapists to fully support your healing. 

Recover after any kind of surgery

Gender affirmation surgery isn’t the only kind of surgery that you might need help recovering from. VNS Health can provide home care services for a range of medical conditions and recoveries. Healing after a knee replacement, for example, can be improved by home care — and even though knee surgery is not LGBTQ+ specific, you still receive LGBTQ+ friendly care. 

Connect with other forms of LGBTQ+ support in your community

VNS Health partners with over 100 local community-based organizations. This community outreach allows us to share health information and training with others. And it also means we can introduce you to other social or support services that might be beneficial to you. Your health isn’t just about what happens during home care visits, and our outreach team can connect you to helpful community resources.

LGBTQ+ Support at VNS Health

  • Home Care

    We provide culturally sensitive care to support the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Gender Affirmation Program

    Our program addresses the unique needs of transgender and nonbinary individuals having gender affirmation surgery.