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Current Research Projects

The Research Center at VNS Health’s current projects address quality and outcomes of home care, inform public policy and nursing research, and support aging in place.

VNS Health Research Study Shows Benefits of Skilled Home Health Care for COVID-19 Patients

Study Title: Surviving COVID-19 After Hospital Discharge: Symptoms, Functional and Adverse Outcomes of Home Health Recipients
Published in the Annals of Internal Medicine – November 23, 2020

The Center for Home Care Policy and Research at VNS Health has published a new research study about the recovery of Covid-19 patients in home health care, which included 1409 home health care recipients, received from 64 hospitals, and cared for by VNS Health.

The study shows statistically significant improvements in clinical and functional status for COVID-19 patients who received skilled home health care services following discharge from the hospital. Given that only 11% of COVID-19 survivors nationwide were discharged from hospital settings with skilled home health services (CMS, June 2020), the study further suggests that home health care may be underutilized in the recovery of hospitalized COVID-19 patients—and could be a safe haven as the pandemic continues to surge.

The full study can be found here in the Annals of Internal Medicine – Surviving COVID-19 After Hospital Discharge: Symptoms, Functional and Adverse Outcomes of Home Health Recipients

Center for Home Care Policy and Research at VNS Health examines the long-term effects for transgender and nonbinary people after gender-affirming surgery

Gender Affirmation, Quality of Life, and Access to Care: A Mixed-Method Longitudinal Investigation

The GAP Study is the first study of its kind to examine the long-term psychosocial development, quality of life and well-being for a diverse group of transgender and nonbinary (TGNB) people after gender-affirming surgeries. It is a longitudinal, mixed methods study that will use qualitative, in-depth interviews alongside surveys. The study will look closely at the different support networks that are needed for people’s psychosocial wellbeing and quality of life after gender-affirming surgeries. The study will examine areas of psychosocial wellbeing, such as gender and sexuality identity, intimacy and relationships, social and community support, employment and financial well-being and a sense of purpose in life. The findings will provide much-needed knowledge and evidence to improve care and support services for TGNB people after surgery.

The GAP Study is a collaborative research initiative between VNS Health and Columbia University School of Nursing. Along with the research team, there is an advisory group comprised of experts in gender-affirming primary and specialty care who provide input and guidance throughout the study.

The full description of the study can be found here.

Check out VNS Health’s Gender Affirmation Program here.

This project is currently looking for interviewers. View job description here.

Project Staff

VNS Health
Miriam Ryvicker, PhD – Principal Investigator (co-PI)
Kathy Bowles, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI
Shannon Whittington, RN MSN CCM
Yolanda Barrón-Vayá, MS
Sridevi Sridharan, MS
Sonia J. Cheruvillil, MPH

Columbia University School of Nursing
Walter Bockting, PhD – Principal Investigator (co-PI)
Kasey Jackman, PhD, RN, PMHNP-BC
Maureen George, PhD, RN, AE-C, FAAN

Advisory Committee
Asa Radix, MD, PhD
Joshua Safer, MD, FACP, FACE
Tonia Poteat, PhD, PA-C, MPH
John Pang, MD
Jess Ting, MD
Freddy Molano, MD
Rachel Bluebond-Langner, MD
Joanne Keatley, MSW

Active Projects & Performance Summaries

2023 Active Projects

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An Overview: The Center’s research interests and activities

The research we do at the Center for Home Care Policy & Research falls into the three subject areas described below. Links are provided to descriptions of current and past projects falling into these categories.

Improving the quality, cost-effectiveness, and outcomes of home care services

These projects aim to measure and improve home care quality and outcomes through initiatives and studies on: evidence-based practice; patient outcomes; the home health care workforce and work environment; the relationship between formal and informal caregiving; and appropriate quality indicator measures for home care.

Read a list of projects that fall into this category.

Analyzing and informing public policies that affect home-based care

The goal of these projects is to foster equitable and cost-effective policies for home- and community-based care by analyzing, understanding, and disseminating information on post-acute and long-term care policies and how they influence access to and the use, costs, and outcomes of care.

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Supporting communities that promote successful aging in place

In this area, the goal is to help communities collect, interpret, and use consumer-derived and other types of data to inform planning and action in the following areas: increasing awareness about and prioritizing aging issues; designing and implementing plans to support the health, well-being, and independence of all older residents; and allocating community resources more effectively.

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Past Research Projects

For a comprehensive list of past projects completed by the Center for Home Care Policy & Research, see our master project list.

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Contact the Research Center.