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by VNS Health Management Services Organization

VNS Health HELPS is an easy-to-use tasking tool that calculates personal care service hours for health plan members quickly, easily, and accurately.

Save valuable planning time and improve at-home care performance, with PCS recommendations based on trusted, clinical evidence.

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Make the right personal care decisions at the right time, for health plan members

High-risk, medically complex members require highly individualized care plans. Personal care hours must be assigned quickly and accurately, while remaining consistent with these members’ actual needs.

VNS Health HELPS delivers rapid, data-driven recommendations to optimize personal care hours for members, saving valuable planning time and improving program performance.

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Consistent and Accurate Recommendations for Personal Care Service Hours

VNS Health HELPS automates personal care service recommendations, based on your members’ Uniform Assessment System results.

Developing precise home-based care assignments also helps to strengthen the alignment between health plan risk scores and PM/PM utilization. Now, your team can deliver a better care experience to members, while significantly reducing program costs associated with mis-aligned service hours.

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Functional Risk Analytics

VNS Health HELPS uses a proprietary algorithm, which has successfully guided over 70,000 consistent, evidence-based personal care service plan authorizations.

Care teams and the members they serve, can trust that the number of PCS hours HELPS recommends is always based on proven, clinical data.

What does VNS Health HELPS
mean for your care team?

  • Create extremely accurate personal care service plans in less time

  • Trusted, clinically-based recommendations that match members’ actual care needs

  • Industry-leading functional risk analytics standardize PCS outcomes for stronger alignment between risk scores and utilization

  • Custom reporting to track and manage program performance all in one place

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