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Geriatric Care Management

A trusted advisor to support you and ensure that your loved one is getting the care they need.

Caring for a loved one can be demanding — and sometimes unpredictable. You want to ensure that your loved one gets the care and services they need, but work, family, and taking care of yourself can often mean that you don’t have enough time for caregiving. You may feel overwhelmed and may even wonder if you’re doing enough. 

Or perhaps you live independently, but it has become more and more difficult over the years. You’re starting to worry that you might have to move to get the level of support you need.

At VNS Health, we understand these feelings. Our geriatric care management services are designed to help ease your concerns by supporting your loved one and giving you the peace of mind that they are in good hands. 

What Does a Geriatric Care Manager Do?

Geriatric care managers offer expert, hands-on assistance. You’ll have a dedicated care manager — a registered nurse or professional social worker — who can help you care for an aging or disabled family member or friend.

Your geriatric care manager takes care of every detail. They will act as a case manager, coordinating and overseeing a care team. They can put together a team or work with one that you have arranged yourself. This team may include experts ranging from nurses to social workers to dietitians to attorneys.

How Can a Geriatric Care Manager Help You?

Because geriatric care management is fully customizable, the services you receive are exactly what you need now and in the future. Geriatric care managers can: 

Assist with financial/legal matters

  • Help to pay bills, file insurance claims, and manage other paperwork
  • Go to professional meetings, such as with attorneys or financial advisors 
  • Hire contractors to modify your or a loved one’s home to age in place

Manage medical care

  • Make sure medications are taken properly
  • Arrange for and monitor in-home medical and personal care
  • Accompany you or your loved one to medical appointments, communicate with providers, and keep you up to date on instructions and test results

Help families make care decisions

  • Assess your or your loved one’s need for care — both initially and on an ongoing basis
  • Research and suggest the right services, including adjusting them as needs change  
  • Communicate with long-distance family members

Caregiving comes with many responsibilities, and they can be overwhelming. When you need a trusted advisor to support you and ensure that your loved one is getting the care they need, VNS Health geriatric care management offers exactly that.

Does Insurance Cover Geriatric Care Management?

In most cases, Medicare and private insurance cover home care services only when ordered by a doctor as part of a care plan. Medicare does not cover VNS Health’s caregiver support services, including geriatric care management. 

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